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Thanks for the help. He has been on Hyper Hyoctane, and has SGB for rinks that have grip problems. He is currently running a pair of SGB on each skate to get some grip from the fading Hyoctanes. You help make the point. A kid that wants to become a competitive speedskater might just as well start on 100's. Stay away from the 84/90 frames, there will not be any wheels available. The advice I read online about starting a kid on 84's is no longer valid because there is no competitive wheel product available. It seems odd because my understanding is that some organizations worldwide have not allowed 'minors' to compete on 100+.
So, now to hunt down a new frame. He is 8, still a size 2/34, so I'm looking for a sub 12" frame 165 mount that will handle 100+ wheels. The Takino GTR300JR looks nice, I saw a FB post that XTech has a frame that will handle 125 and come in at 12, but i can't find anybody selling it. Flyke has one, but pretty pricey.
I realize it is difficult to give advice for a sub 50 pound skater, the dynamics are far different than an adult.
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