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Default Very new, I know nothing....

Bit of background.....

Didn't skate as a child, started training for roller derby a few months back. I'm still not great but have the basics down

A friend of mine recently got some inlines, wants to learn all the aggressive stuff, so today (now I have outdoor wheels) we went to our local skate park where she was taught how to go up and down ramps by a friendly 10 year old....

Meanwhile, I was skating around, getting used to my new wheels, and getting ignored due to my 'alien' boots with wheels in the corners

Thing is, I want a go! It looks like fun! Do I need anything special to play, skate wise? Think I may need some sort of metal plate if I ever get advanced enough for the grind thing, but just for playing on the ramps, would my normal skates be OK for now?

And does anyone have any tips specific to quads?

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