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Your situation speaks to me

I've been doing roller derby for a little over a year, and aggressive quad skating for 6 months. I use my derby skates with outdoor wheels, as I haven't advanced to stalling or grinding yet, and that seems to work fine. But be warned - they are torn up from all of the abuse, and I'm going to need new boots soon.

To start, you just need to attack it. Be sure you are comfortable skating backwards and on one foot at a time, first! You'll also want to be very mindful of your center of gravity, it's important that you have very good balance. Then again, all of that can be learned. I think the most important thing, for me, was not being afraid of falling. Lots of nasty bruises and huge patches of road rash later, that cannot be a deterrent.

Try skating up and some verts and turning to come back down, and then coming back down backwards. Experiment with different aspects of the street course, and eventually you'll be able to approach things backwards, get enough air to jump things and learn some "tricks".

I love skating at the skatepark, but I'm always getting looks from people haha. You'll just have to get used to that.
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