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"I know nothing" sounds like a good thread to start at as I've been to the skatepark only about 6 times... So this is like an introduction. Hello. I've done roller derby for about two years now and always fancied the idea of going to a skateapark.

I've linked my Youtube vids here . I finally went early this year and really enjoyed it. I went two or three times and skated around the bowls (shallow, rounded, no coping or vert sections) and did little jumps from one to the other. About two weeks ago I tried a ramp (skating into a quarter pipe and doing a jump turn) and that's when I got totally hooked! Every time I've tried to get a bit higher/faster. The day before yesterday I tried dropping in the quarter pipe the first time (about 6ft?) and the first time was success and the second time I landed on my bum - I wear crash shorts and very glad about that!! It hurt! Once I learned to drop in I tried to combine it all in the half pipe - dropping in and then carrying on with jump turns. Yay, it worked!

Okay so this far I've got to... Any hints what to do next? Just practice it more? Get more air or something? I'm skating with the same boots I use for derby: Bont boot with black aluminium Avenger DA45 plate, Roll-line Formula 88 wheels (diameter 62mm, width 31mm). I've been thinking of putting together another pair of skates with grind bars but I guess that could wait as I've only been doing this for a couple of weeks! I'm so obsessed though, just want to spend all my free time on the ramps!

Another thing I'm quite proud of is that I've found the courage to go on my own - I'm so the odd one out, being female aged 30. But the kiddies have been nice and I've found out some grown ups go there too late at night...

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