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Originally Posted by gsng View Post
Sorry I am posting this twice. Once in the ask Doc forum. I wasn’t sure which place was more appropriate.

I am new here. I have skated since I was a kid, but recently got back into quad skating. Been at it for a few months. I have been skating derby and have the RIEDELL 126 boot with Powerdyne Reactor Neo plates and Atom Savant 97 wheels. Ever since I got these skates, the left skate has been wandering, wobbly or with a mind of its own. I causes me a great deal of instability. I don’t have this problem on any other skates (i have tried a few teammates skates). I have tried tightening and loosening the trucks and it doesn’t help at all. Tried different lacing techniques but I am confident this isn’t the problem. I don’t know if the plate is mounted wrong or it could be a pivot cup issue or what is going on. I have also changed the original wheels to the savants and it hasn’t helped either. I don’t really know how to check pivot cups. I have researched this plate but not really found much about tuning it. It’s a bit different than some of the plates I see on youtube. I really want to figure this out and can take pictures if I need to. Any help would be vastly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time!


I noticed when trying to set all wheels to same spin that the left skate, the wobbly one, well it’s front inside wheel doesn’t spin smooth. I can see a slight wobble. I went out bought some new bearings, nothing too fancy and cleaned my wheels, then reinstalled. Same wheel is still wobbly. Looking at the axle I don’t see anything that visually stands out as being messed up. I am not sure this is the reason behind this or if there is something wrong with the truck’s axle. And if there is what could have caused it. Just wanted to post this update in the case that it will help in getting an answer. I really need to figure this out. Have a big skate tomorrow.

Thanks again!
Were these used skates when you bought them? What color are the cushions on the plate? Is the boot mounted tight to the plate? Are the boots looser or much wider than your feet? Boots should be fairly close in width no matter how you lace up. Turn the skates upside down and put a ruler across the front wheels from one side to the other to check for a bent axle, or put them on a table and look for a wheel to be lifted on the outside. Both wheels on a truck should sit flat on the table.
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