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Dang, I did some really cool stuff I didn't get to report on while the forum was down. Well, not really. Just a triathlon. Since I don't have any friends other than my online/skating ones, you'll have to listen to the report.

Sprint tri, August 5 - 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike, 5k run 9th age group/31
1:10:06 total, swim 8:36 T1 2:13 bike 33:06 T2 1:30 run 24:45
I suck at swimming - this is always my downfall in triathlon. I was 25/31 for the swim. Yeah. I placed top 10 in both the bike and run, but my transition times were also sub-par. Every second counts and I probably could have saved a minute here. I wasn't too disappointed though because I'm not training for triathlon right now, and I did better than last year. The swim really wasn't that bad - the water was a nice temperature and we were going with the current. The bike was a little slower than I anticipated, but it was still fun. I felt great on my new bike. The run was really hot, no shade, and started out in loose sand. If you've never run in loose sand, it really sucks. I'd compare it to running through molasses. Anyway, I had a great time, and I can't wait for the next one. I expect to kick a$$ on the bike next time.

So now, back to the present...
August 10
21 miles @ Flatwoods, 1:18:14, 3:44 pace
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