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I usually skate a section of the Zumbro River Trail here in Rochester that is part of the Med City Marathon course. I am trying to get a roller 10k added for 2014, but have hopes that we can make it a half marathon if there is sufficient interest, and a full marathon if I can convince the organizers. The start point is in Byron, MN, and the runners race Country Club Road from Byron onto the trail system. To be fair, I don't think this would work for a roller marathon because most of the event takes place on the trails. If they were to add a roller portion, we may have to find a different route, but the trails would have to be involved. When we skate the trails, we can usually push up to 18 MPH with two mid-level advanced skaters on the narrow trails. They aren't wide enough to pass, but they are wide enough to rotate in the pace line, though it is a bit tricky. You wouldn't really be able to race that section. If it were necessary to have a bike path as part of the course, I would hope it would be short.
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