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Default san francisco's skate land at the beach

Originally Posted by Kathie Fry View Post
As I'm updating the roller skating rink directory at I'm realizing that a really huge number of roller skating rinks have closed in the last 10 or 15 years. I'm under the impression that at least half of the roller skating rinks that once existed have closed and it could be closer to 2/3.

If you have memories, stories, pictures, or general information to share - good or bad - about any roller skating rink that has closed anywhere in the world, please post them in this thread. If you can remember anything about a closed roller rink's history, owners, coaches, clubs, teams, skaters or location, or if you know what business replaced the rink please post that information here also. Help us preserve the memory of the great roller skating rinks of the past.

- Kathie
One of the great ones was SKATE LAND AT THE BEACH many old time skaters still lovingly talk sbout it even though it's been gone for over 30 years, labor day 1971 it must have been a one of a kind experience.both art and session skaters still talk about it.
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