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Default Help???

Originally Posted by ajchien View Post
Oh great, I start skating again and I find out SEDS exists. Seems like every one of my hobbies has an addiction ....

Me too....

I play table tennis and there are the EJs (Equipment Junkies, folks easily spending over $2000/year on ping pong paddles alone ...),

I used to play ping pong but was never that into it.... Lemme guess, custom built CF paddles??

and I also like doing basic car maintenence where folks have their own Strategic Oil Reserve (folks hoarding some 200 quarts of motor oil in their garage ... lol thats enough oil to last me 5 years ...)

That one is new to me...

So I think I might be developing *pre*-SEDS ... the constant checking on the internet for skating related accessories that I might want ...

Yeah you are cranking up for sure!!

Is there a self help group that needs to be formed?
Help?? I don't think so...... More like: Abandon ALL HOPE ye who enter here!!!! Bwaa HAHAHAHA!!!
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