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Just came across this post during a search and wondered if you came across the 'best list' online? I have one posted, but I'm sure there is a lot that could be added!!! Let me know what I'm missing, if you please.

Btw I LOVE the comment right above about engaging in conversation or complimenting bikers to get them in a 'good mood' before asking to draft. Personally, I never get a chance to draft since I'm not really that fast. LOL! But I do skate a lot of corners and there have been times when I've been at a corner while with my son in his stroller and I see some bikers flying towards me down a hill behind me, and see others coming from the oncoming corner, and me in the middle and NO TIME to yank my son's stroller off the path. So what did I do? I screamed "BIKERS!!! BIKERS!!!" and pointed both ways and looked at them both. One set slowed down cause they 'got it', the others didn't and got quite a surprise when they almost went head first into oncoming traffic. Pisses me off when someone doesn't use 'logic' on a trail. My 3 year old could have been in the middle of a serious accident if neither of them had listened. I think a lot of it has to do with always always always trying to consider the safety of everyone involved BEFORE worrying about losing your 'pace'. Ya know? It's just gonna happen.
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