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Originally Posted by pgick View Post
Wrist guards greatly improve a snout smack when you get a dog chasing your ankles. Very effective & satisfying, would even be better to do it to the dog's owner.
Now that's a use of wrist guards that I hadn't thought of. I'd say oblivious dog owners are the trail users that worry me the most. It seems that in the spring a lot of dog walkers take to the trail and they are surprised to find that they must share the trail with other folks. Many will unleash their dogs and then scurry around and try to leash them when someone else is coming their way.

This usually settles down as they become regular trail users. I'll give a lot of leeway to folks I've never seen on the trail. Most of the regulars know each other at least by if someone doesn't get it after a intervention is called for.
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