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The only reason you can only buy Rollerblade in most stores is because they have a long standing reputation and relationships with major retail outlets. No one has been in the game longer. They have excellent customer service and are very good with promotions, even in today's half dead skate market. Rollerblades were a fad in the states, but roots were planted and for some, those roots run deep.

One reason why it was a passing fad is because many people were on cheap arse crappy equipment and, as a result,had a bad experience.

I don't think you can beat what is already available.

Inlinewarehouse, established 1994, has affordable skates as well as top quality equipment. They ship anywhere and always offer 15% off and price matching. Follow the links below to see why you probably can't compete.

The only way to start a skate shop is to develop a following in your niche of skating, push out something new, or muscle in with shear buying power. It doesn't sound like you can do any of the above. I don't want to knock you down, just share insight.

I do applaud your desire to grow the sport and improve accessibility. It sounds like you truly love skating and want others to have the same opportunity to enjoy what you have enjoyed. Making a buck of something you live&love is always nice, but it may tough for you to compete.

In the aggressive market we have deep loyalties to certain product lines, crews, and purveyors.
In the speedskate market, we have certain well known 800 pound gorrillas that dominate sales and nothing is inexpensive that is worth buying.
In the fitness realm, most people stateside do some internet research, buy what they can afford that looks good and hasn't been hated on in reviews.

The products are out there for all skaters at all price points. You just have to find them.
I guarantee you that the stores you dream of selling at have been approached by Rollerblade in an attempt to sell their Bladerunner named line of inexpensive, good quality, intro level skates.

Most of the no name china freight crap isn't even safe. Junk bearings, chunking wheels, and no comfort or reliability.

Here are the links to skates that are available at better prices than you are speaking of. They are better quality than you are speaking of. They are also being sold by a company with deep roots and the skills to match.

Men's fitness skates with many affordable options:

Women's Fitness Skates with many affordable options:

Kids fitness skates with many affordable options:

If you truly want to grow the sport...Go skate and talk to people about it and it's benefits while you are out doing it.

You mentioned that you learned on Chinese rollerfuns, anyone can learn to skate on a cheap pair of fitness skates or cheap aggressive skates and then buy in when they get better.
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