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I just purchased 2 sets of Seba FR Jr. Skates red and blue with adjustable inside liner for my kids. Yes it would have been nice if the skates were $99.00 US.

When I speak to the Moms about what skates to get their kids I say if you want to spend 150 you can get a great pair of skates. What ends up happening is they buy a pair of black soft boot skates that have plastic frames with bright color graphics and crappy wheels. Then a month later I see them collecting dust on the garage floor. I try to tell them just use rentals until they know they like skating. Then but good skates. So if you can make something in the $89 range you will sell lots.

What really needs to happen is Dicks sporting goods and Sports Authority need to get their heads out of their you know what's and start carrying top quality brands. When ever I see the name Roller Blade I just think ewwww! I'm even get annoyed when people call this sport roller blading. I now say inline skating.

Nothing will change until the big box stores begin to carry the quality brands.

Shaw good luck with your vision may be when the kids grow out of these FR Juniors we will take a look at yours. Honestly I prefer to not buy at the inline warehouse and purchase from a real skate shop but it would sure be nice to walk into a local big box sporting goods store and try on a pair of Trix or Evo's or what ever else I'm Not aware of.
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