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Originally Posted by Dontburnout View Post
That's actually very interesting. I am going to do some work with that idea. I will keep you in the loop. What are some characteristics you would like to see from skates in the disciplines of skating which you practice?
For myself in particular, I'd like to see prerockered frames in various sizes (I actually want the back of my frame to be displaced 1mm more than my front, and rockered frames for 84mm, even 90mm wheels), a wider variety of lacing/buckling configurations, and lighter alternative parts.

To explain the last one, composite materials may be strong and low cost, while lighter materials which are just as strong (or stronger) may cost more. I'd like to see such options, as well as heavier materials for strength training.

For a larger skate company that has to manufacture these parts for distribution it's not economical to produce an entire line of accessories that will inevitably be overstocked and undersold, but if these options were made to order it could work.

For other disciplines it would be very nice to see an alternative UFS mounting plate for those who want to powerblade or even full out grind at skate parks.

As a personal aside, I very much like my skates to be as unbranded as possible. Of course I'm happy to brandish a logo, but I don't like unwanted graphics. However, I very much want to order a water applied graphic on my skates, and would be willing to pay a lot of money for personalization.
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