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Originally Posted by Shaw View Post
Yep. I won't have the exposure, name brand recognition, or prices to compete with the cheap K2s, Bladerunners, and Roller Derby skates being sold everywhere, not to mention the benefits of being able to try on different sizes of skates and not having to deal with shipping.

It's exactly that group that does a little research and trickles past the department shop junk that I'm hoping to market towards. The biggest problem is to convince people that these skates aren't complete garbage compared to the $200+ skates already on the market. I don't have too much experience with marketing, but at the moment I'm planning on offering discounts to anybody who will post a review, even if it's negative, onto skatelog, r/rollerblading, facebook, etc. I'd provide free samples to high profile bloggers, but I'm not sure there are any in the US slalom/freeskate scene.
Make me weight training frames and I will pay for them

I am in the market for making my skates as heavy as I want to make them light.

A YouTuber named Dom Lay seems to reside in the United States and has a small fanbase on YouTube. You might also consider talking to Bill Stoppard of PintoPonyProductions, based in Canada.

Bill Stoppard is sort of my god for all things street skating.
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