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Originally Posted by Esk8 View Post
I just wanted to say that if I don't get enough physical exercise, I start to go bonkers, literally. I do not take anti-depressants and as long as I can skate, I won't need 'em...I could do other activities whenever the family-commitment-calendar throws me a few measly minutes but I don't do those things because they bore me to tears....I would not be able to get back to a healthy state of mind without enough exercise.
could have been my words.........

i see it as balancing for the office- and cardriving-sit-on-the-butt and brainwork to get my nose in the wind.

With enough skate (and some other stuff with an "S" helps too ) I wont be all depressed - especially in the dark dark days of winter....

I'm pretty happy the family learned to understand that - even though sometimes it is thrown at me too.

we found a mutual thing to do as compensation too; the boat - it gets us outside all of us and we can do it together.
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