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Originally Posted by ASP View Post
I am in the process of trying to clean up an old set of bearings. I can't seem to get all the grit out of a couple of them. Also, it looks like some rust may have set in (I get a little orange color to the residue when I wipe them down). Will the rust make a difference if I get them properly cleaned and lubed? Also, how do I get that last little bit of grit out? I can feel it grinding away at the bearings if I try to spin them.
I'm using mineral spirits and compressed air to blow/dry them out and then bones speed cream for lube when I'm done. This should be okay, right?
Hope Doc doesn't mind me jumping in on this one...

If there's visible (evidenced by the reddish orange residue) rust in there then the bearings are basically history - rust = pitting = the noise you're hearing when you spin them.

Pitted bearings are no good to anyone i'm afraid
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