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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
On to what bugged in June:

Hiking Totals
1 Activities
9.05 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,516 ft
Avg Speed: 2.4 mph
Avg HR: 84 bpm
Calories: 586 C
Max Distance: 9.05 mi
Max Avg Speed: 2.4 mph

Cycling Totals
3 Activities
22.56 miles
Elevation Gain: 269 ft
Avg Speed: 12.8 mph
Avg HR: 104 bpm
Calories: 528 C
Max Distance: 11.48 mi
Max Avg Speed: 13.7 mph

Skating Totals
38 Activities
537.66 miles
Elevation Gain: 12,589 ft
Avg Speed: 11.2 mph
Avg HR: 117 bpm
Calories: 19,100 C
Max Distance: 50.75 mi
Max Avg Speed: 15.0 mph

Total Totals
48 Activities
574.63 mi
Elevation Gain: 14,436 ft
Avg Speed: 10.5 mph
Avg HR: 114 bpm
Calories: 20,786 C
Max Distance: 50.75 mi
Max Avg Speed: 15.0 mph
And July's fireworks:

Hiking Totals
3 Activities
11.60 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,290 ft
Avg Speed: 2.6 mph
Avg HR: 93 bpm
Calories: 951 C
Max Distance: 10.45 miles
Max Avg Speed: 3.2 mph

Cycling Totals
4 Activities
38.38 miles
Elevation Gain: 404 ft
Avg Speed: 13.0 mph
Avg HR: 101 bpm
Calories: 847 C
Max Distance: 9.83 miles
Max Avg Speed: 14.2 mph

Skating Totals
520.94 miles
Elevation Gain: 12,392 ft
Avg Speed: 12.0 mph
Avg HR: 119 bpm
Calories: 17,604 C
Max Distance: 43.85 miles
Max Avg Speed: 15.9 mph (Training for Barbary Coast Inline Marathon)

Total Totals
50 Activities
591.54 miles
Elevation Gain: 15,558 ft
Avg Speed: 10.9 mph
Avg HR: 115 bpm
Calories: 21,041 C
Max Distance: 43.85 miles

By the numbers, July was a good month. Didn't reach 600 miles but beat June every other month since, well, July of last year.

Speed is up, though it unclear how much of that is better conditioning and how much is attributed to better wheels. 110's just aren't so fast when they wear down to 105.

The one race was a bit of a botch. Due to unclear scheduling/location and not paying adequate attention, I missed the start. It was a strong solo effort but not the result I was looking for nor did it help prepare much for Duluth.

No races this month. Instead of skating Grand Forks, I'm headed up to Oregon. Some things are worth missing out a little skating.
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