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Default Comeback journey and accomplishments (please share yours)

Hi to all who have decided to come back after a long retirement from skatingand of course hi to all!
Please share your successes and bruises and we can cheer each other along.
I haven't skated since 1987. But that was just teaching skating. I stopped practicing and competing in 1977. So, it has been 21 years at least since I threw a single axel. I skated then for my mom and now I want to skate for me. So, I already have picked out the music for my first cut for a routine and I have practiced a combination and axel. (on the carpet in my bare feet) My combinations were a waltz jump, loop, single mapes and waltz, euler(sp), salchow or single flip. I tried camel positions and my back will not let me invert over. Too tight. So, this is the beginning of my journey. Thank you for the encouraging feedback, Jim and Steve. Now, I gotta bite the bullet and buy some skates for my fat little tootsies!
"Not old, Just older" ~ Bon Jovi
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