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Originally Posted by cheryl murphy View Post
Hi to all who have decided to come back after a long retirement from skatingand of course hi to all!
Please share your successes and bruises and we can cheer each other along.
I haven't skated since 1987. But that was just teaching skating. I stopped practicing and competing in 1977. So, it has been 21 years at least since I threw a single axel. I skated then for my mom and now I want to skate for me. So, I already have picked out the music for my first cut for a routine and I have practiced a combination and axel. (on the carpet in my bare feet) My combinations were a waltz jump, loop, single mapes and waltz, euler(sp), salchow or single flip. I tried camel positions and my back will not let me invert over. Too tight. So, this is the beginning of my journey. Thank you for the encouraging feedback, Jim and Steve. Now, I gotta bite the bullet and buy some skates for my fat little tootsies!
Hi Cheryl !
Nice seeing this kind of post... Here at this Forum you should be getting lots of encouragement over the next few months from former skaters who have returned ... My husband and I did!

We competed together in 1977 thru 1981. Only achieved State Silver Medals. Nothing higher than that but we sure did have a great time. We skated Dance together, my husband and our Son skated Freestyle in local competitions. We were away from skating for 25 years, our kids and grandkids got us back to skating about 3 years ago. It's the best thing that they could have ever done for us.

The first thing many old timers that had continued skating thru the years told us to do was... "get a coach and let him/her guide you thru the process of re-learning. It will help keep you a little safer". And boy, is that one true! We saw it two times over the last 3 years. A skater returns, jumps right out on the floor and tries to do some of the things they used to do and "WHAM" they're down. They got hurt ... and then they never returned. My husband was trying to impress the ladies one evening and "WHAM", he was down, and he would up with 10 stitches on the back of his head. Even under the guidance of a Coach during our first lesson, just trying to do runs and swings... we tripped each other and went down on our knees! We survived the awkwardness and the falls, and eventually that old feeling came back... we were finally "in sync with each other again".

It has not always been an easy journey but it has been a fun journey. There was 30 to 40 pounds to work off, lazy legs that had 'no muscles' in them, and OH, I am sure you know, "posture" and the lack of it. 25 years of inactivity takes it's toll. A big challange, but, the struggle is well worth it in the end. I have mentioned this before on the Forum, but will mention it again for you... The rewards are fantastic especially if have reached your 50's or 60's... Weight=under control, cholesterol=under control, blood pressure=under control. My husband has been able to go off blood pressure medications since we returned to skating. And that's the best news of all.

My husband has just about everything back that we used to do, right up to the Gold Level of Dance.... Me? It's coming back, but at a much slower pace. I had ordered new boots and they were much to big, so that held me back for the last three months. But now, I have a great fitting boot and in a few weeks when I am used to them we will start working in my progress again. Don't know if I will ever achieve Gold Level Dance again, but as long as we are enjoying what we can do together ... that's what matters.

Best Wishes Cheryl ... and "Enjoy the Ride" !!!

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