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I would not recommend my boot (very stiff), which is a gold star (Riedell 375). Probably a better boot would be the Riedell 297 (Professional). It is a bit cheaper and from what I hear, very easy to break in and comfortable. I liked the 220 from when I was younger, but I had a heck of a time breaking them in. Blisters galore, but it handles nice once broken in.

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Originally Posted by cheryl murphy View Post
I am so close to ordering skates but I have to be sure of the boot. What are you guys skating on? I want a boot that is not too stiff to do dance and freestyle. I am going to order the snyder advantage plate, the bones elites, china red bearings but not sure what boot! Any help here. I am so antsy to get some skates. But as they say, measure twice, cut once!

So, glad all of you are having fun. I cannot wait to go to an actual practice and watch some skaters. Also, it has been so much fun connecting with 2 people that I skated with back in the 70's. I really appreciate this website, Kathy!
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