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Originally Posted by cheryl murphy View Post
I am so close to ordering skates but I have to be sure of the boot. What are you guys skating on? I want a boot that is not too stiff to do dance and freestyle. I am going to order the snyder advantage plate, the bones elites, china red bearings but not sure what boot! Any help here. I am so antsy to get some skates. But as they say, measure twice, cut once!

So, glad all of you are having fun. I cannot wait to go to an actual practice and watch some skaters. Also, it has been so much fun connecting with 2 people that I skated with back in the 70's. I really appreciate this website, Kathy!
Hello again Cheryl,
I don't know about boots for free style, but for dance I had 2 different boots over the last 5 months. Riedell #336 was highly recommended and I had found they "were a beautiful boot" not "soft" but very flexable and very comfortable. I liked them allot. But ( and it was a toppic of great discussion in Jan and Feb posts) they were sized wrong and were much to big for me. So I had to get another pair of boots. Ther is many discussions about boots here at the Forum from December thru February.

I had tried on another skaters boots and they fit me real nice and I loved the way they looked so I went with Harlick Classic dance boot this time. They are a little stiffer than the Riedell #336, but still, very comfortable. I had ordered them with the "dance notch" cut.... but somewhere along the line the directions got mixed up and they came thru "cut down one hook" instead. I wan't very happy when I saw that... but... I would highly recommend it now. It has given the boot more fleability than the "notch". So now, I have joined the list of people who always say..."I love my Harlick's".

I have posted a link to one of the discussions. On that discussion (it's #2 on that thread) there is links for Harlick, Riedell, and I believe SPteri sizing charts. I wish I had these charts before I ordered my Riedell's... It would have saved allot of heart ache.

The only other thoughts I have, In the 70's just about everyone wore Riedell Gold Star Boots... but, today they are much stiffer than they used to be. Read all the information you can find and be very aware if someone measures your feet to order the boots ... If you can find a rink that runs a stock of boots or find a skater that wears the same size you think you wear.... "try some boots on!!! The picture in my profile pages is the Harlick Classic, cut down one hook lower, and have the Varnished heel and sole.

It's a very pretty boot! And great for Dance.

Best Wishes Cheryl... again... "Enjoy the ride".
EDIT: add on...
It's spring and many of the larger Invitational's are coming up...
Look for Vendor's that may have tables at the Invitational's !!! They will have boots for you to try on!!!
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