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ok! another accomplishment: Getting my single mapes consistant. It looks ugly, and free leg is in wrong position on landing, but I do make a complete revolution in the air. about half the time I land and then go to my toestop (not good at all), but the other half I clean from a right back outside edge to a right back outside edge. At first I thought I was leaning too far forward on my take off, but I'm not. I did get the camcorder the other day. right now experimenting with it to get the best angle and resolution.

I think I pulled a muscle or tendon from my spins. Left leg inside hurts like crazy when I stress it. I think my weight was too much along with the torque I was placing on it. It only bothers me slightly when I do my jumps, so this is a good time to switch over. More later. at least I am having fun.

Jim (The Ancient One)
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