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Hi Gabi- what online/inline said is just perfect along with many others. Just to clarify a specific question, you asked about rest days... Don't get too confused about this, some of what you are hearing or reading is from lifting folk. Lifting a max load a few times a week with lifting one rep max 1Xweek on X lifts is very different. These are strategies to GAIN weight. I don't want to get into the details... I am an active lifestyle person, new to in-line skating (albeit something I have been wanting to do for a long time) I used a builder regimen for years to gain weight and it worked great. As soon as I stopped (for a knee injury followed strangely by a badly sprained Planter Fascia) I lost all the weight. Try as I can, I can't keep weight on. I dont eat much junk, I don't see it as a treat? I struggle to find the 3,000 calories a day I want. My diet isn't boring at all, just on the healthy side. Lots of clean protein, good fat (mostly) good carbs (kind of mostly) and all the fruit and veg I want all the time. You should have treats, as you call them. I never got that. If I wanted or could eat junk after dinner I would much rather have more Lasagna or whatever. Mom could really cook and I took grief all the time for wanting more dinner instead of desert? I am who I am. I miss my mother desperately, even if she could drive me nuts. Be who you are. I have dangerous allergies to a food group so I am unusually aware od what passes my lips and I do not eat out much (for that reason). I have other milder allergy issues, so I am used to thinking about what I put in my mouth. If you are serious, get a work-up and sensitivity scale done. General guidelines for healthy eating are great, but a work-up made for just you is priceless and you will loose weight immediately by reducing food sensitive inflammation and the like. Sorry for the long post. What is here is great. Good luck...
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