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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
I'd ignore the advice for large wheels, they work great if you want to go straight, if you're a beginning skater I would suggest slightly smaller wheels, more control, the route59 wheels are great outdoor wheels slightly smaller,
They come in various sizes, again, large diameter wheels are for going straight and fast, you seem to be looking more for a wheel that's fun to tool around on.
Another set of bearings would allow you to just switch wheels for either venue, a bearing press is still necessary
A chunk of change but everlasting.
If your plate suspension is tuned for freedom of action throughout the full range of potential truck swing before wheel bite, and the plate deck height clearance above the wheel is adequate, then sharp turning with 70mm and larger wheels is not a problem.

I can skate super tight circles down to about 4 foot diameter with all wheels down on the rolling surface outdoors with ease on the 76mm OD wheels of the slates in my avatar PIC, which have a fairly long wheelbase too.

ursle has no problems with doling out bad advice for things about which he has either limited experience, no competence, little understanding, or insufficient skills to resolve the imaginary issues he mythologizes.

Sharp turning is always more related to suspension tuning than anything else, and larger/narrower wheels only become a problem when the suspension is adjusted stiff and chokes up the truck swing with too rapid of a rise in the ramp up of cushion resistance. Larger and narrower wheels reduce the available leverage for working the action. This does not make them a poor choice, it just means the suspension must be tweaked to reduce the level of peak cushion resistance and to slow the rate at which it ramps up.

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