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Default Breaking in Ice Skates (the blade, not the boot)

Hmm...haven't posted since March. Regardless, recently acquired my first pair of hockey skates (usually used to disgusting, blue plastic rentals...never sharpened). Now..the boot is fine, it was fitted and ADJUSTED to my foot. I broke them in on the first skate. Now...the blade...that's a different story. The rental skates are always pretty dull and hard to hold an edge. These ones were great at HOLDING an edge..but that's just about it. It took me three hours to dull a few of the edges down enough to even break. Hockey stopping, dimestopping... they're all out of the question now. Even the snowplow is a bit of a stretch.

So my question is: I know freshly sharpened skates feel different, but will they always be this horrible... or is there considerable difference between a brand new skate, 1st time sharpened, and one that has been broken in?

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