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Default Having Trouble with Grip on Wheels

Hello, Im a 26 year old Roller Hockey player, I play in a very competitive league with players who play in the PIHA (Professional Inline Hockey Association). Anyhow, I've been playing for about 15 years, I used to play outdoor, and then I played in a gym league. Im one of the best skaters in my leagues, but the problem im having now is that im in a league that plays on official rinks called sport courts. These rink are made very slick so the puck can glide and move better. I seem to be having a hell of a time trying to stop, start, accellerate, turn, twist, basically any sort of agility.... I have none. In the old places I used to be able to skate very fast, then throw on the breaks and go the other way. Can not do this anymore at this place. I know about the duromoeter of the wheels. I've been through it all, I've bought the softest indoor wheels I can find 72a. aka xtra soft. Still I just slip everytime I try to make any quick or sudden changes while im skating. This is a huge problem for me since 99% of my game relies on my abilities to skate and be agile. I dont know what else to do. It seems some other players dont seem to have nearly as much trouble as I do with this, and Im a way better skater then they are. Any help with this would be awesome. Thanks
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