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Default Spinners

Harmony Sports has recently introduced the 'Spinner' multi-pour wheel. This is a real breakthrough in wheel design and technology. The 68 mm wheel has 2 layers.

The inner softer layre provides unheard of rebound, like the air in a tire.

The best of both worlds. The 'Spinners' size, 68mm, provides an eaiser angle to achieve a spin position while the tough hard outer layre provides for the quickness and speed required for the most demanding routine.

The outer hard layre is formed into an ulta-trim profile which makes this wheel slimer, quicker, and more responsive than any wheel we have tested.

Phyllis McKinsey, winner of the first Inline skate open in Chicago, is on a P-73 Pic frame with 'Spinner' wheels. Her video is on youtube go to Phyllis 1.

The wheel is displayed at


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