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Default Snow Whites vs Pics

Hello everyone!

I know this will have been asked before, so apologies, but I figured (no pun intended) that things will have changed since then.

I am a beginning ice skater who is looking to practise off the ice on artistic inlines, but I would also be interested in taking up artistic inline as a separate sport. I am currently working between Skate UK levels three and four (which seems to be somewhere between USFSA's Adult 2 and Adult 3 grades) so am really not that far in, however I don't want to spend a lot of money an inline frame that potentially I then outgrow in a year and a half. I'd be very grateful if any of you would be able to tell me from experience what difference the PIC 'Professional' frames (994 and P-73) makes over the 'Performer' frames (894 and P-53). Is it just the build quality and weight or is there a difference in the shape of the frame?

Also, in your opinions are three wheels better than four? Of course, right now I'm a beginner , but if the frames are going to last a number of years, I'd probably rather get a higher-performance one if it's not going to hinder me now, so that if I get to that level I won't have to go out and buy another. I hear that most high-level competitors these days are using Snow Whites, and my feet are too big for the three-wheeled Pics so it's between the traditional Pics and the Snow Whites. Is there a big difference in spins and tight edgework, etc. with the three wheels over the four? I don't think I'm too fussed about the weight of the frame as I'm tall and quite heavy, so the difference is likely to be negligible.

Also, any other advice you have would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot
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