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I've skated a number of outdoor wheels, Helium have been my first choice for the city for 4 years.
For roads, I go with krypto classic K 76mm (skated 300km during Le Mans 24 some years ago with these babies).

In Europe, Heliums are only 45euros fors 8 wheels. It's close to half the price of american wheels.

The urethane is good, very sturdy (Poisons wear out and get destroyed by chips of thane when Heliums keeps rolling)
And they have the best grip on wet concrete I've ever had, making them the best security choice.
The hub is big, making then not very comfortable, that's true.

I have a set of Krypto 70, but only 2 days of downhill skating with a lot of soul slide breaking shaped them in cones very badly. They are too sticky, soft and big for me.
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