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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
Wow, you got an EARLY start on your stats this month!
It rained all weekend and my non-skating plans also fell through. I had time.

Originally Posted by Joey View Post
So THIS January I got 147miles, mostly on quads with new boots - Antik Jet Carbon - on my old quad frames and wheels. Break-in was fairly easy so now I have confidence up to about 30 miles. I use the quads for wet days as they actually have a lot of grip on rain-soaked surfaces or soapy water from our street cleaners.

Here is a shot of the new skates: (Of course it was raining my first day with them so I skated in the house)

Nice new ride. Was it just raining too hard on the first day? You did say you use the quads on wet days.

I've toyed with using my 110mm Storm Surges and "rustproof" bearings on wet days since I will probably never race on them again. However, I don't completely trust the bearings really are rustproof. Further, I don't have a complete set so I would need to mix with regular wheels, making sure the sizes are compatible and the right bearings are mounted. What do you do for bearings in your quads?
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