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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Thank you so much for responding. Changing the cushion sounds like a great idea! My plate is called the Powerdyne Rival. It says in the specs 15 degree kingpin angle...(they changed it to 10 degree on the newer Juice model). Here's mine...

The cushion is olive green. How do I know what cushion color would be good for me? Is it a weight thing?

Nope it's a personal thing. Weight is used as a starting point but invariably the manufacturers think every one needs a much stiffer set up than I like. Strangely, most of my customers seem to agree w/ me more than the manufacturers.

I looked up those Harry, can I put those on my plates????

They would have worked on the version I saw when I looked up the name. Your plates are already configured that way, so no need to worry there.

Sorry if I sound confused. Now back to the other question, will a 10 degree king pin angle feel to stiff? I worry because of the cones skating. But if I go too steep I'm afraid my spinning will suffer. Do I sound crazy? Sorry about that.

Not @ all. I personally really cannot tell the difference between a 10 and 15 plate. I do know sk8rs that spin like tornado on 30 actions however. It's all a combination of how the suspension is set up vs how skilled the sk8r.

Now, back to your green cushions. I have no idea what that durometer (hardness) is. That model came and went before I really got a chance to check it out. See if your dealer has an idea. Riedell used to list 4 different replacement cushions for that sk8. They only list one now. If you don't have any luck sorting this, let me know I have some folks that most likely will know.

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