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The only stops I can do are the T-stop (only in 1 way) and the spin stop.
Always thought the powerslides looked really stupid... As if it's extremely difficult to stop, also always thought of powerslides as being the way to stop for speedskating, which I've never done.
I seem to notice that you think backward skating is really important to you. But in fact it's not.
1. Forward skating (straight forward but also turns).
2. 1 or 2 different stops.
3. More forward skating until it feels as normal as walking.
4. If you go into slalom at this point, start with the forward moving basics.
- Fish (first)
- Crisscross (second)
- Snake (third)
5. Backward skating.

That is what I'd recommend to people that are new to skating/slalom.
Of course you can try backward skating at some earlier steps, but don't expect it to go all smooth.

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