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Originally Posted by sxevegan View Post
I saw John's line going into the turn and new he would be coming out wide. David tried going around John on the outside, but Johns wide line cost David a lot of speed. I stayed outside going in and hit a late apex of the turn so that I could carry speed but come out on the inside. I'd definitely say there was some luck involved, but that line worked out pretty great for me and it gave me a wide open lane to sprint to the finish line.
This is exciting stuff! Thanks so much for posting it Rob.

While I have no illusions about ever skating at anywhere close to these performance levels myself... I really wonder if I need to move out of rec/fit. At every turn, my pace line (if you could call it that), would become a chineese fire drill with skaters scattering every which way. Some entering tight and blowing wide thru traffic. Some going wide and picking a great line but getting caught in traffic. Always a big hodge-podge. Once, the guy I was tailing had picked a very good overall line but instead of riding the line thru he stood up and started BRAKING at the worst possible moment! Holy Cow! I almost had to push him out of my way. And then... every time, on the other side of the turn we'd piss around for a while as we sorted out and fell back into line. What a waste of momentum!
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