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Originally Posted by Alyosha View Post
As frustrating as it is getting dropped by the pro pack, I think it's worth moving up. I've been lingering around the boundary of being able to be near the front of the rec/fit pack, and getting owned by the pros for (way) too long now, but I've kept skating in the higher division. I just don't progress unless I skate with people better than me. If you're coming up for the Saint Paul half, I'd recommend giving the pro pack a try. It's a good sized field and, with the hills, the pack tends to stick together better than a lot of other races, making it feasible for the not-so-fast skaters to hang on. It's a little intimidating, but a great deal of fun.
Dale, I skated with the front pack of the advanced group at the MN half last year. The lead finishers crossed the line around the 40 minute mark. They dropped me at mile 9. I know the pro group finished around 35 minutes. We didn't have this scattering problem at the front of the advanced division. Would that be an option for someone in bjvirks situation?
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