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Originally Posted by POW View Post
Have you skated Napa and NSIM? I know North Shore is a fast course; but I don't know what wave I should register. I think I'm between B2 and Wave 1... but not sure. What was your time in Napa vs NSIM?
You can probably knock 10-15 minutes off your Napa time.

My Napa/Duluth times were:

2008: my Napa time was 1:28. Duluth was 1:14
2007: Napa: 1:37, Duluth: 1:32 (very cold that year)
2006: Napa: 1:36, Duluth: 1:27 (rain)

Now, I have heard that the pavement has deteriorated since I last raced Duluth. However, 2012 results seem very similar to 2007. The big difference at Duluth is the huge pace lines. You mentioned skating alone at Napa. This won't happen at Duluth.
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