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Dillo, last year's Northshore was my 1st marathon. My goal was 2:10 and I skated it in 1:55. Believe me, you will never be alone. The problem with drafting in that level is the high cadence/light push style of most skaters. I refuse to skate like that so it's a problem finding lower cadence/heavy push skaters that I can get close to and get a decent draft from. There are very few draft lines at that level and it's usually 2-4 friends skating together.

It's not all bad though. Because they skate in such an upright position, I can still get some draft from the big ones while staying just behind enough to keep from tripping them up. When they start slowing down, I go around and skate until I find another one. Then another and another. Also I have found that if there's a headwind, I don't need to get up close to feel a real benefit from the draft.

Yes, you should skate Northshore at least once, it's quite an experience. Good luck if you do.
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