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Originally Posted by Jim View Post
Dillo, last year's Northshore was my 1st marathon. My goal was 2:10 and I skated it in 1:55. Believe me, you will never be alone. The problem with drafting in that level is the high cadence/light push style of most skaters. I refuse to skate like that so it's a problem finding lower cadence/heavy push skaters that I can get close to and get a decent draft from. There are very few draft lines at that level and it's usually 2-4 friends skating together.

It's not all bad though. Because they skate in such an upright position, I can still get some draft from the big ones while staying just behind enough to keep from tripping them up. When they start slowing down, I go around and skate until I find another one. Then another and another. Also I have found that if there's a headwind, I don't need to get up close to feel a real benefit from the draft.

Yes, you should skate Northshore at least once, it's quite an experience. Good luck if you do.

I know exactly what you are describing with the poor technique skaters being the majority of those inliners that I can match pace with, but the ones with decent technique and cadence all leave me behind too easily.

At least from what you are saying, the numbers still would work in my favor, so I am really going to try and get there this year. Thanks.

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