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Originally Posted by Foot2big View Post
Man I wish they made those MyFit liners in a size 14..... Foot 2 damn big again.
That sucks. My shoe size is "normal" at US11 and it took me five years to get my feet in those skates in the USofA. And I gotta say, the first month was AGONY. 90% dialed in now. I hate setting up new skates almost as much as a new computer.

(Nice skates Joey!)
Thanks. Yes, now they are more than just nice to LOOK at. Bruised ankles all healed up. Skates are finally starting to feel like a part of me at last.

Had a short session today 45m
You know your sport is on the fringe when you have to list it under "Hockey". I know the feeling. Strava does not have a "Longboard" category, or even a skateboard category. So I list those activities under "Ride". And because of that, I list my inline skating under Ride as well, otherwise the totals add up separately. If i do 50 miles on the inlines, and 50 miles on my board, that is 100 miles of "skating" in my book.

Bummer you didn't get in your mandatory hour of skating.
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