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Originally Posted by Foot2big View Post
Made up for my short lunch session with an afterwork slide session on my backyard setup last nigt. A short 15second clip of that:
That is a 8!tch!n setup in your yard! Great way to stay prime when you can't get to the park. I have a really long, straight driveway the entire length of the house, plus some. Gonna turn that into a slalom spot soon as I learn a few tricks to practice.

I like your vids man. Short, sweet, to the point. Keep it up. I am motivated to try to match you day to day at this point.

Got my hour in at lunch today, with rousing success. I've been working on grinds on a curved pocket coping, and finally laced it.
Barely had enough daylight to get my 10 miles in. I prefer the distance to the 1-hour goal personally, especially when time is short I get motivated to kick it in the arse. I would go by time if I were park skating too.

Me Today: 10.9mi, 55:11 time. Average speed 11.9 including skating to and from the fitness trail loops from my house using various streets and cutting through a community college campus - about 1 mile each way.
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