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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
That's why you pad up.
This is why you pad up: (yesterday)

My bald head would have been even worse. I landed on it first:

Other than a nice shoulder road rash I'm totally fine tho. What's even funny is that I went in head first in the 8 foot
bowl section. Landed on my head on a structure called the turtle and did a back handstand extention and actually
freaking landed on the transition going down backward and skated away in reverse! (fakie). Everyone watching was
dumbfounded. One guy looked actually mad. "HOW THE FCK DO YOU LAND ON YOUR HEAD AND LAND IT!?!"

Woke up to heavy rain today, and went to my indoor spot. Got almost 3 full hours of hard ramp grind action skating in.
An early-morning skate is a blessing for the whole day.
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