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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
What were you doing to manage 52 miles in one day? I don't get that high unless I am training for A2A and being very deliberate. It takes a chunk of time to skate that far.
Yeah, 52 miles is my biggest one day total in modern history. Maybe 20 years. Last year I hit 50 in one day. Before that...two decades went by without hitting 50 miles, and those were all done on speed skates, not freestyle slalom skates.

I did not set out to do 50 miles. I was thinking maybe 20 before the weather stopped me. It was my day off so I literally had the entire day to skate.

Took me 5hrs 13min skating time as per the GPS, although I know I forgot to Pause the thing at a rest stop or two. I was probably out there 8 hours as I ate lunch and took a few long breaks, not to mention the errand running on the longboard that morning.

I got an early skate to beat a bad weather forecast and used my longboard because the ground was wet until about noon and my board is built for wet conditions purposely. Wheels are very soft and grippy not to mention WIDE. They will not slip in corners. So I got 20 miles on the board and was not particularly tired.

So I skated home from the park, ate lunch, and returned to the park on my inline skates intending to add a few more miles. The weather looked nasty a couple of times but never rained all day. So I just kept skating and skating and skating. Before I knew it I was at 40 miles with an hour of daylight, the bad looking weather kept the fitness paths deserted of joggers and dog walkers, so I kept at it. At 50 of course I knew I was close to a modern day record and kept skating until I had a couple extra miles.

So I did most of those 50+ miles on two adjoining one-mile fitness path loops. BORING. I was listening to music on an iPhone the entire time. Also, about 5 miles were skated on the longboard running some errands before lunch - not on the loops. I have not been back to that stinking park since! Can't stand to look at it right now.

BTW...I had 107.8 miles of skating that week. Thanks for asking!
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