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Originally Posted by sommemi View Post
Holy catoly... that's a lot in one weekend! But man, I used to live for that stuff. Harder to travel with my personal commitments right now, but hopefully will have more flexibility to do that in the future! I think my favorite part is when there is enough time in between stuff to go tour around with the family and take the whole fan-damily with me as a skate-cation. :-)

AND THANK YOU!!! for the reply. I appreciate it! I'll make sure those are added to my 2018 list.
Oct 22 - Saguaro Sunrise bike and skate in Oro Valley, AZ (42K, 21K, 5K)

Now updated to Oct. 21, 2018 and the distance updated to 10 mile and 20 mile or 5K for skaters.
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