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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
Never say never. Onward to a record breaking December:

Hiking Totals
1 Activities
7.02 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,430 ft
Avg Speed: 2.9 mph
Avg HR: 97 bpm
Calories: 586 C
Max Distance: 7.02 miles

Cycling Totals
3 Activities
33.47 miles
Elevation Gain: 640 ft
Avg Speed: 12.7 mph
Avg HR: 109 bpm
Calories: 898 C
Max Distance: 14.38 miles
Max Avg Speed: 14.3 mph

Skating Totals
34 Activities
493.17 miles
Elevation Gain: 12,087 ft
Avg Speed: 11.2 mph
Avg HR: 119 bpm
Calories: 19,928 C
Max Distance: 47.23 miles

Total Totals
47 Activities
551.08 miles
Elevation Gain: 14,344 ft
Avg Speed: 10.7 mph
Avg HR: 117 bpm
Calories: 22,554 C
Max Distance: 47.23 miles
And a better than expected kickoff for 2018:

Hiking Totals
4 Activities
36.58 miles
Elevation Gain: 5,630 ft
Avg Speed: 2.4 mph
Avg HR: 93 bpm
Calories: 2,836 C
Max Distance: 11.46 miles
Max Avg Speed: 2.8 mph

Cycling Totals
6 Activities
53.98 miles
Elevation Gain: 636 ft
Avg Speed: 12.8 mph
Avg HR: 110 bpm
Calories: 1,475 C
Max Distance: 9.72 miles
Max Avg Speed: 14.0 mph

Scooter Totals
2 Activities
1.82 miles
Elevation Gain: 10 ft
Avg Speed: 6.3 mph
Max Distance: 0.92 miles

Skating Totals
25 Activities
398.39 miles
Elevation Gain: 10,531 ft
Avg Speed: 11.4 mph
Avg HR: 122 bpm
Calories: 15,449 C
Max Distance: 43.96 miles

Total Totals
38 Activities
501.78 miles
Elevation Gain: 16,926 ft
Avg Speed: 9.0 mph
Avg HR: 115 bpm
Calories: 20,461 C
Max Distance: 43.96 miles

I did a bit a double take when I saw that 500 miles for January. I really wasn't trying. It did rain, although not as much as need and I deliberately cut back.

I think what pushed up the numbers is an unusual amount of hiking and some bonus bike rides just to run errands.

This year, I'm cutting back my cycling commutes from 3-4 week to just two. The should reduce the numbers but I am also finding that makes them more consistent. I can choose which days I skate based on the weather and other concerns so even though it did rain, I got in all the skate commutes I had intended.

February should be good too. The rain has stopped again and it is crazy warm for a "winter" month.

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