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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
Started commuting to work on skates and longboards mid Feb instead of bicycling. Skated 50 days in a row, which is some kind of record for good weather and just missing the bad stuff.

Anyway...308 miles of skating in March. For me, any month over 300 miles is a winner.

My commute is 4.2 miles if I skate directly to/from work. I usually add a lap in City Park on the way home which gives me a daily total of 11 miles. Then I do a longer skate on my off days. On days where it got dark or rained at quitting time I used a bike share to get home.
Welcome to the skate-to-work club! That's awesome! 50 consecutive skate days? Definitely more that I've done. I find I need to schedule a down or at least lower key day before and after my big Sunday workout. That isn't to see that I always do this but I can tell my performance degrades if push hard for too may consecutive days.
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