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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
And into the new year:
Wow, you got an EARLY start on your stats this month! I envy the miles you got.

I had a great January as compared to the past 6 months. Best miles since June last year @ 327. Have not broken 100 since June due to weather and a heel injury that required rehab.

So THIS January I got 147miles, mostly on quads with new boots - Antik Jet Carbon - on my old quad frames and wheels. Break-in was fairly easy so now I have confidence up to about 30 miles. I use the quads for wet days as they actually have a lot of grip on rain-soaked surfaces or soapy water from our street cleaners.

I doubt I am ever going to skate 3000 miles in a year like 2017 but I believe my remaining interest should get me near 2000 this year, weather permitting, new job notwithstanding (assuming I finally land the one I want which is AT the local park!

Here is a shot of the new skates: (Of course it was raining my first day with them so I skated in the house)

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