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Second best month since June 2018. Getting used to the new job so I can catch a couple miles between dawn and 7a.m. when I need to report. Sometimes I catch a 30 minute session at lunch and often add a few miles in blistering heat after 3:30p.m. when I get off work.

Weather has been remarkably dry but blistering hot many days. Three shorter sessions makes good sense. New job is physically demanding so skating big miles is mostly a thing of the past now. All of my skate miles are on quads or longboards. Inline skates gathering dust for now.


158 miles skating, 35 miles cycling.

Shortest paved distance home to work is ONE mile! So I wont be accidentally cycling or skating 50 miles each week minimum. Now it would be 10 minimum. When the heat calms down it will be dark early, so no telling what Fall will bring. Whole new situation.

2 Inline Skates, 1 Quad Skates, 4 Longboards, 3 Bicycles, 0 Cars
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