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Default Can only speculate....

Originally Posted by verymetal View Post
So me and the lady cleaned our bearings a couple days ago using the hot water, hair drying and 3 in 1 method. Last night my skates felt incredibly slow, like there was a lot of drag/ rolling resistance.

Are they noisy?? If it was something in the in you did not get it all... then I can understand...

Must be something with the bearings.

MUST be?? Could you have them adjusted incorrectly??

Any suggestions as to why this might be? I'm sure they were dry before I lubed them and reinstalled the shields... I can't be rolling on these things like this, they nearly sent me backwards a couple times because I'm used to gliding along with little effort.
If at first you don't succeed, try again... Scrub 'em good, You may want to do the scrub / rinse cycle a few times....

One other thought, I ran into some really hard water one time when we were out at the races...(Yes I cleaned my daughters racing bearings like this when we were on the road) and had to get some distilled H2O to rinse them.... Talk about a pain...
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