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So last night I removed all my bearings, again. Cleaned them all individually with a toothbrush and dish soap, again. Dried them thoroughly and noticed oxidation on some of them.. already! Can't have been more than 10 mins in and out of the cleaning process. Ok, lesson learned. Repeat cleaning process individually, dried them each individually straight away, no rust problem... Bearings spinning great

Add 3 in 1 and they don't want to spin.. what's up with that? Should I be using a different lube? I would naturally expect (with the addition of a coating of any lube) that they might slow down a bit but not this much... suggestions are most welcome! gotta get them spinning good by tuesday night for adult night!

Ps. Doc, I'm assuming by 'correct adjustment' you would mean not over tightening the wheel nuts? I'm very careful about that so I'm pretty sure that isn't the issue.
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