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Count: 39 Activities
Distance: 463.54 mi
Time: 45:58:16 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 12,857 ft
Avg Speed: 10.1 mph
Avg HR: 124 bpm
Calories: 27,558 C
Max Distance: 84.41 mi
Max Avg Speed: 14.3 mph

Max Distance is actually 87 miles. I absentmindedly turned off the Garmin when paused to determine if I was still on course between checkpoints 4 and 5.

This month is a mix of late race season and early off-season. Athens to Atlanta, the last race came right in the middle. I've cut my Sunday workout back to my baseline 39 miles but I've kept doing "double" commutes as I think this is the most effective hedge against fitness loss and waist line expansion as I head into the rainy/reduced activity/increased eating season.

Mileage wise, October came in slightly greater than May, when I started to really ramp up.
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